Welcome to Clessidra Med Spa

Boasting a wide range of treatments for the face and body, Clessidra Med Spa offers you beauty and wellbeing. If you truly care for your body and hope to get that wonderful shape you dream of, Clessidra Med Spa is your answer.

Clessidra is a fully integrated professional beauty clinic for the perfect body and mind state. Our mission is to develop, for each one of our clients, better health and wellbeing as well as strong confidence in her/his body. We provide only scientifically proven methods and state-of-art techniques in skincare and body treatment.

Our fully integrated services include consultations by specialists who proceed by identifying individual problems by structuring a medical diagnosis based on the BCA (Body Composition Analysis) and different lab tests, then recommending integrated treatment programs that complement each other to effectively target problem areas, through use of high-tech equipment and top-notch cosmetic treatments. Our treatments are especially designed for the wellbeing of our clients, as well as for achieving a well-toned body and flawless skin.

As our client, you receive all this superior service in a distinctly pleasant environment at our clinic, which features an elegant interior decor and highly trained, warm-welcoming personnel. All our specialists are service-minded with high-level certification. They are competent in performing a constructive consultation and assigning an effective treatment program that will bring out the best in you.

Clessidra methods help you boost your self-confidence and provide measurable results. All you need to do is put your trust in our treatment programs and techniques, strongly adhere to Clessirda’s guidance and a new refined YOU materializes from a distant dream into a tangible reality.